temple of the sun machu picchu peru

My Favorite Machu Picchu Monuments & Moments

Machu Picchu is so overwhelming, it’s almost hard to make sense of it all and to truly take it all in. That being said, I wanted to highlight some of the most memorable parts of my visit to the ruins.

The Condor Temple
I loved how the wings of this temple are pretty much nature-made yet are so strikingly condor-like. No wonder the Incas worshiped nature.

The wings of the Condor Temple

Llamas, and sparrows, and chinchilas, oh my!
Yes, as I mentioned, I loved that there were animals throughout the ruins. From the bold blue sparrows to the photogenic llamas, the seemingly isolated ruins were really not that empty of life. And what better place to call home for this family of chinchillas that reside at Machu Picchu?

Family of chinchillas at Machu Picchu

Can you spot the chinchilla in this photo?

The morning mist
I’ve read that the busiest times to visit Machu Picchu at from 10 am – 2 pm. I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t sacrifice a few hours of sleep to arrive right when the ruins open. That quiet morning mist is incredible, and that’s how you should be introduced to Machu Picchu.

Misty morning at Machu Picchu
More mist

P is for Peru
I’m guessing that’s not really why this important Temple of the Sun is shaped like a P, but it is known for it’s stonework. Ok, I admit it, I mostly like it because it’s shaped like a P.

Temple of the Sun

A few other things you should look out for:

  • The cuy (guinea pig) -shaped stone
  • The king’s toilet: yes, they hooked up some impressive plumbing for this VIP
  • Speaking of plumbing, look out for the various fountains at Machu Picchu, through which water still flows
And, just so you don’t think that the sun never shines at Machu Picchu, here’s a photo I took in the afternoon when the sun did indeed come out bright & strong.
Sunny afternoon at Machu Picchu

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