Hostel Review: Ecopackers

In Cusco, we stayed at Ecopackers Hostel. Despite my gypsy aspirations, I actually haven’t stayed in many hostels. Actually, I don’t really remember ever staying in one before this trip. Maybe during a high school Europe trip. Anyways, I prefer to aspire for the Gypset lifestyle. But back to Ecopackers…

The hostel is really nice, actually. There’s an open courtyard that’s clean, colorful and relaxing. It includes a hammock and three computer stations with internet access. There’s also a movie room which I didn’t check out. And there are two adorable kittens roaming the hostel – one is grey and the other is this tiny furball of a black kitten with blue eyes. It’s so cute, and even smaller than Othello was when I adopted him.

Hostel courtyard
How cute is this kitten??

We reserved a room for the four of us, and ended up getting a six-person room all to ourselves, which was nice. Unfortunately, private bathrooms were not included in the room. So showering in a little box was not my favorite thing. Especially when I was showering at night and the lights, which are on a timer, kept going off. Showering in a tight space in the dark = not cool.

But overall, I really liked the hostel. It was clean, the staff was friendly, it had kittens and they let us leave our bags there while we went on our five-day hike up in the mountains. I would definitely recommend Ecopackers for your Cusco stay!

Relaxing on the hammock. Ok, I admit it, this photo is staged.
One last kitten photo...I couldn't help myself


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