Cusco, Day 1: Rough Landing

Apparently, I forgot what a normal plane was supposed to look like after flying Spirit, because as soon as we stepped onto our Taca flight this morning from Lima to Cusco, we felt immediately spoiled. Clean seats, actual leg room, TVs – they even fed us! Hello, chicken empanadas.

Unfortunately, that didn’t change the fact that we flew through tons of turbulence. I was the one furiously tightening my seat belt and gripping the hand rests.

Ben tried to comfort me by pointing out the window that things were shaking because we were flying through clouds and mountains. Great, thanks for pointing out that if something goes wrong we have plenty of solid mountains to crash into.

The view was quite pretty, though. There were just so many mountains and the looked ancient – simple, empty, and this green-gold color. You can’t help but wonder how people have lived in these mountains for centuries.

And there were just so many mountains, I started to wonder where we were even going to land. Well, sure enough, the pilot had to make a super tight turn as we plunged towards Cusco so we could land in a tiny valley. It was rough. The landing strip literally runs right through a small town. Very little room for error!

But Cusco is really nice. A relatively small, walkable town with cobblestone roads, narrow streets and colonial architecture. It seems like all the restaurants are on the second floor of the short buildings, so each has a beautiful, decorative balcony.

We walked around at night and it definitely reminded me of Toledo and Girona at night: narrow streets, cobblestone roads, a dark clear night, tall stone buildings lining the streets, full moon.

The altitude is kind of a bitch, though (yes, I know, I’m so eloquent). I feel ok, but I have a little headache and definitely some shortness of breath. I feel bad for Daniela though, because she really feels sick and has been laying in bed and puking all day. Luckily, she got some altitude sickness pills from her doctor before the trip. For now, I’m just relying on the coca leaf tea to work its magic.

Work your magic, tea!
...for D, too



2 thoughts on “Cusco, Day 1: Rough Landing”

  1. oh you and your TURBULENCE! remember that game? I bet I woulda slept throught it all 🙂 Damn that sucks for D, never knew it could be so bad that you’d puke all day!

    1. Haha, of course I remember that game! I actually thought about it when I considered writing in my journal on the plane. I slept through most of the plane rides, but even I have my limits!

      I think she only technically puked a couple times, and just lay in bed all day.

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