Damas y Caballeros…

So…we are officially in Peru! Although it’s been a pretty long day of traveling. I was a little concerned that we were flying Spirit, but it ended up being ok. Except for the extra bag fees. And the really nasty seats on the flight to Ft. Lauderdale. And the fact that they didn’t serve us anything.

As Daniela said when I commented that it was nice of the flight attendants to come by so often with garbage bags, “That’s because they have nothing else to do since they’re not serving us anything!”

But at least there was our handsome flight attendant friend, Luis. Ah, Luis. And his Spirit belt buckle.

Overall, it was a pretty fun atmosphere on the flight. At least as fun as being suspended tens of thousands of feet in the air with no control over the situation can be. People were walking around all over the place and chatting. It was surprisingly relaxed. Except for the terrifying turbulence.

Other than that, the flight was filled with the types of inappropriate comments you would expect from me and Daniela. I won’t go into detail here, but let’s just say it involved a bag of M&Ms and my fingers.

Now, we are in Lima (technically Callao), staying overnight at the Pay Purix Hostel. My first time in a hostel! So far so good – we have a room for the four of us and it’s simple but relatively clean. And reception ordered some yummy chicken for us, which we tore into like beasts.

Of course, the inappropriate comments continued during a game of pool:

  • Adrian: Can I put it here?
  • Daniela: You can put it anywhere.

On that note….goodnight!


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