Sunbathing in Albufeira

Our first full day in Albufeira, we got up bright and early at 7:30 a.m. to take advantage of the hot, sunny day. I was a bit jealous to still hear people partying from the previous night, but oh well. In the end, we ended up falling back asleep for a couple of hours. Oops.

Praia da Oura (towards the end of the day, when it's not as packed)

Finally, we dragged our butts out of bed and headed to the beach. Of course, as soon as we put down our towels, some big Italian family with umbrellas and rowdy kids sat down literally next to us. We very un-subtle-ey moved to a different spot.

Praia da Oura was just so packed with people and screaming kids (granted, it was a weekend). At one point, a little girl who was walking around screaming, came right up to my towel and stood there just staring at me. I was sure she was going to scream in my face, but she didn’t.

We took a swim in the ocean and after baking in the sun, gave up on the beach for a while. There was just too much going on, and the tide was coming in, shrinking the sand space and crowding people together even more. Not to mention that it was feeding time (for us).

We relocated to the hotel pool which was much more peaceful, and stuffed our faces with cheeseburgers. Nothing like a good ol’ cheeseburger to fine-tune that bikini body! But, in my defense, I did swim a few laps in the pool afterwards. Then again, that only reinforced how out of shape I am.

Me in the Golden Beach Apartments pool

I baked in the sun for a surprisingly long time – and you literally feel like you’re baking. It’s unbelievably smoldering in Albufeira. But I was responsible (for once) and vigilantly applied my SPF 50 sunblock.


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