Lisbon’s nightlife

Our last night in Lisbon, we headed to Bairro Alto for a taste of the nightlife. As we tried to find a street our hotel receptionist recommended, Frances read one street sign and asked me if there was a street called [something] proibito on the map. I’m like, “Uhm, Frances…that’s not a street sign! That’s a warning sign saying something is prohibited.”

Lisbon's Bairro Alto

Regardless, we wandered the narrow streets of the Bairro Alto and eventually found a restaurant with an open table outside. I have to admit, this area completely reminds me of the Sol neighborhood in Madrid – complete with all-night partying!

But first, food. We sat down for another excruciatingly long Portuguese meal. Our food took forever! Every time the little bell rang that a dish was ready, we looked expectedly at the waiter. But alas, it was never our food. At least we had another great vihno verde, this time Gatao – complete with a cat on the bottle!

Gatao vihno verde...yum!

When we finally got up from the table, we sampled the local bar scene. Like Madrid’s Sol barrio, the streets are lined with little bars, from Cuban spots (where I had to show off my salsa moves) to Irish pubs to gay bars. I’ll spare the details of the evening, but by 3 a.m., after meeting a few characters, we were forced to jump into a cab and head back to the hotel.

Unfortunately, our cab driver could not find our hotel. Even the police officers he stopped to ask for directions couldn’t help. So we got an impromptu night-time tour of Lisbon by taxi. Eventually, we found our hotel and made it back, safe and sound.


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