God, is that you?

As I was walking through Lisbon’s Sé Cathedral, I saw a little boy walking around, obviously lost and about to burst into tears. I could tell he was in panic mode, so as he walked towards my, I stopped, took his hand and asked what was wrong. He said he couldn’t find his mom, so I assured him that we’d find her and he doesn’t have to worry. Luckily, she was just around the corner.

That motherly moment had a very emotional effect on me. I don’t know if it was the cathedral environment or if it was literally a sign from God that I should have a child! Or, my grandma has successfully brainwashed me.

But taking that kid’s hand and comforting him really made me emotional – it was just such a tender and nurturing moment. Then again, my brother says that if I really want to help kids and hold their hands I should just become a crossing guard!


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