A bumpy landing in Porto

Our trip from Amsterdam to Porto was eventful, as most of my flying experiences seem to be. We were flying Iberia Air, so there were no check-in issues. Then again, it helped that we were at the check-in counter over two hours before take-off.

Our first flight was from AMS to Madrid. I tried to sleep through it, but really I was just sitting in my seat with my eyes closed, paralyzed in fear most of the time. There was some turbulence, but I guess it wasn’t that bad.

Unfortunately, the plane landed a little late in Madrid, so we had to speed walk to the gate to catch our connecting flight to Porto.

This time, we were flying on a little jet, which made me kind of nervous, but it actually ended up being much better than the first flight. Maybe it was because I wasn’t near a window and couldn’t see anything. Or maybe it was because the flight was only 45 minutes long.

Anyways, we got off the flight and headed to get our luggage. Sure enough, the luggage had all come out, and I was still standing there empty-handed. Iberia Air lost my luggage!

Waiting in line to talk to someone about my lost luggage, I realized that the Porto airport lost and found is a popular place! And sure enough, as we walked past the baggage claim, I saw more tired travelers standing in front of empty luggage belts, waiting for their lost suitcases to appear.

I felt stressed out (especially since my tulip-covered slippers were in my luggage – although the idea of buying a new wardrobe wasn’t that bad), but the lost and found lady assured me that my luggage was quite possibly still in Madrid, and if that was the case, it could be in Porto by the next morning. In the end, my luggage arrived the next day and someone from the airport even delivered it to our hotel.

In the meantime, we cab it to Residencial Girassol, walk in, and are told that they overbooked and would have to move us to another hotel. I suppose at that moment it was beneficial not to have a huge backpack to carry around since we had to walk a few blocks to Residencial Paulista.

And of course when we got there, the elevator was broken, so we had to walk up four flights of stairs! And then down a long, narrow, winding hallway to our room. But in the end the room was fine, and at least we had a nice view onto the square in front of the hotel. The bed was kind of tiny, but all the better for cuddling. Just kidding!

View out the window of our room at Residencial Paulista

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