A (second) night of vices in Amsterdam

Since we were too lazy to go to the actual Heineken Museum for the “Heineken Experience” (nap time was non-negotiable), we decided to do our own tour after dinner.

We walked to the Jewish neighborhood and had dinner on a patio out on a bridge over a canal near Rembrandt’s house. Unfortunately, we didn’t actually go to see Rembrandt’s house (even from the outside). However, the restaurant where we ate was called Rembrandt Corner, if that counts.

Now, time for the Heineken tour, a.k.a. bar-hopping and drinking a Heineken at each locale. In the end we only ended up visiting two bars and having two beers. But then again, that’s how many drinks were included in the official Heineken Experience. And at the second bar, the owner gave us some free Heineken coasters. Proost!

Bar 1 of our Heineken tour
Second bar of the Heineken tour

We cut short our bar crawl because it was time to visit the Red Light District. It was definitely interesting to see, but the girls just all seemed so bored. Some were just standing in their window smoking or talking on their cell phone. One was even stuffing her face with fries!

Maybe they get more serious at night when there are fewer tourists and more actual customers. I did read that the girls make like 500 euros a day, and I believe there’s even a union.

Even though I was tired and felt like I couldn’t take many more steps, we still had to get home. Perhaps a McDonald’s Stroopwafel McFlurry would help? Not really, but I did try to reassure Frances that we only had a little more to go (we were actually pretty far from the hotel):

  • Me: we’re almost there, we just have to walk down this street and we’ll hit Rembrandt Square and then we just have to cross a few canals.
  • Frances: That’s optimistic.
  • Me: What can I say, I’m an eternal optimist.

Just as I finished saying that, the sidewalk ended and I exclaimed, “Oh f#&$, what now?” So maybe “eternal” wasn’t quite the right word. Either way, we eventually made it back to the hotel.


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