Amsterdam’s flower and flea markets

Monday was more productive. I suppose that tends to happen when you don’t stay out until 5 a.m. We had a lot on the agenda. But first, we had to return the bikes. I would have liked to ride around more, but my ass couldn’t handle it at the moment.

We walked over to Museum Square and stumbled upon the big “I AMsterdam” letters we had been looking for at Central Station the day before. Either there’s more than one installation of those letters or Frances’ iPhone app was off point.

Regardless, we tried to take photos in the letters with as few tourists as possible, which was no easy feat.

Our plan was to visit the Van Gogh Museum. Unfortunately, there was a very long line to get into the museum. I was kind of bummed, because I was interested in seeing the museum and learning more about Van Gogh, but I didn’t want to spend half of our last day in Amsterdam waiting in line. So, like most of Amsterdam’s attractions, we just saw it from the outside.

Next, we went to check out the Albert Cuyp flea market. Frances and I were determined to find some crazy pants (aka gypsy pants aka hammer pants). Frances found some, but unfortunately I didn’t. Oh well. We also stocked up on scarves, as if I don’t have too many already!

We ended up eating lunch at another cute, canal-side restaurant. This one was closer to our hotel, located on a little square along a canal. I ate super (ok, maybe not super) healthy again: a smoked salmon club sandwich, with lettuce, egg salad, tomatoes and cucumber. I did have chips, though.

I feel like it’s so easy to eat healthy in Amsterdam. There are so many fish dishes, healthy sandwiches, bio markets and more. Between that and all the bike riding, no wonder everyone’s so thin and fit!

Flower market greenhouses along Singel Canal

The next attraction on our checklist was the flower market on Singel Canal, so we walked over there. It was cool to see all the little greenhouses floating on the water, but it wasn’t quite what I expected. I thought the market would be full of live, colorful, blooming flowers, but it was actually just flower (mostly tulip) bulbs for sale. I would have gladly bought some if I had an actual garden to plant them in!

Tulip bulbs at the flower market

We were physically and mentally exhausted at this point so started walking back to the hotel. Three days of eating, drinking, walking and riding all over Amsterdam is exhausting!


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