Amsterdam: land of ridiculous souvenirs and crazy outfits

Amsterdam sure does get creative with its souvenir options. And sure enough, I bought perhaps my most ridiculous souvenir ever: a pair of tulip-covered dutch-shoe-shaped slippers. 

I also debated long and hard about buying an Amsterdam napkin holder. Yes, there’s nothing inherently Dutch about a napkin holder, but it looked really cute! Alas, I restrained myself (and now I regret it!). 

I also wanted to buy “crazy pants” but unfortunately couldn’t find a pair I really liked in my size. Crazy pants are loose, cotton, MC-Hammer-style pants with crazy prints on them. Often, the crotch is somewhere between your thighs and your shins, and the cuffs come in close to your ankles thanks to rubber bands. Frances found a pair of slightly subtler Crazy Pants, which we refer to as Gypsy Pants. 

Despite the lack of my own pair of Crazy Pants, for some reason, Amsterdam brought out the crazy dresser within me. Yes, I realize that I’m OD-ing on prints… 

What were the odds that on a trip with Frances, I'd be the one overdoing the animal prints!?
I don't even know what I was thinking here

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