First night in Amsterdam: something smells fishy…

After settling into our hotel, Frances and I went for a walk to get some dinner and drinks. We walked to Rembrandt Square, which was one park and two canals away from our hotel.

I love all of Amsterdam’s canals! They are so cute and romantic. And at night, the bridges are lit up with white lights, with boats occasionally cruising by.

My first meal in Amsterdam was…memorable. I ordered the grilled dover sole, thinking it would be a grilled filet. But I got a plate with two totally fish-shaped fish! Bones, head and all. It looked more like something for Othello to eat. But I was a trooper and ate it. Nothing doesn’t taste good with a side of fries and being washed down with a Heineken.

After strolling the canals a bit more, we headed back towards Rembrandt Square for more drinks. Of course we ended up (inadvertently) choosing a gay bar! Luckily, Frances entertained me by busting out her dutch phrasebook and teaching me random words like “pedestrian crossing” – voetgangersoversteekplaats.


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