My Prague soundtrack: Dirty Dancing…?

Our last evening in Prague we were shuttled to the Krizikova Fontana a.k.a. the dancing fountain. Basically, it’s a fountain whose streams are choreographed with lights, music and sometimes actual dancers. Unfortunately, it was (still) raining, so there were no dancers. (Apologies for the shoddy camera work in the video above.)

The show was pretty corny, but at least it was set to the music from the Dirty Dancing soundtracks (original AND Havana Nights) and the Shall We Dance soundtrack.

Oddly, the Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights soundtrack is what will remind me of Prague from now on, since it was also playing in the hotel bar during a much-needed nightcap.

Apparently, no Polish bus tour is complete without a trip to the local Tesco to stock up on local alcohol, so that was our last stop after the dancing fountains.


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