Carlsbad a.k.a. Karlowe Wary a.k.a. Karlovy Vary

Our second side trip from Prague was to Karlowe Wary (in Polish) or Karlovy Vary (in Czech), known as Carlsbad in English -talk about an identity crisis! I had no idea what to expect (I was hoping it at least wouldn’t be as deserted as Kutna Hora), but I was very pleasantly surprised!

The town is located in this lush, green valley, and as we drove down towards it, you could begin to see a couple of buildings emerge from the misty fog drifting up from below. It was perfectly picturesque.

The town lays along this canal, which is lined with colorful buildings, mostly expensive hotels and designer stores. Carlsbad is apparently a pretty fancy spot!

One of the many cute, colorful hotels in Carlsbad

The entire town has a very quaint, charming yet classy vibe to it. While the gloomy weather did add a certain drama to the atmosphere, it would also be a great place to visit on a nice, sunny summer day. And, of course, on a day when I would have money to spend in the designer shops!

The town is also known for its hot springs, whose mineral water you can try drinking for free from various fountains. Personally, I did not enjoy drinking hot, salty, slightly-smelly water!


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