Pit stop: Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

I left Warsaw at 1 a.m. for my Almatur Polish bus tour to Prague, and by 5 p.m. the next day we still hadn’t made it to our final destination! But at least we made it to our first stop, Kutna Hora.

Bone Church in Kutna Hora

Kutna Hora was a silver mining town back in the day, and is best known for its ossuary, a.k.a Bone Church. Yes, these are real, human bones that fill up the lower level of this relatively small church just outside Kutna Hora’s town center. The church is surrounded by a beautiful, old cemetery (although who knows if there’s anything left in the graves!).

Bone Church (aka ossuary) in Kutna Hora

After visiting the Bone Church, our group ventured into town, which was surprisingly empty. There were barely any people in the streets and most of the stores were closed! But there are a couple nice sights to see:

  • Saint Barbara Church: this enormous church, named for the patron saint of miners, has a gorgeous exterior, complete with gargoyles. The view of the church from the front is one of my favorites, with a simple garden in front of the entrance and the huge arches sticking out the sides.
Saint Barbara Church
  • Italian Court: home to (coin) mints and kings, this building has a cute courtyard and interesting artifacts that give a glimpse at life in the 13-14th centuries, including a chart that showed the value of money under each king by showing how much items like a cow or pitchfork cost at the time. The absolute highlight of the court was the chapel, which was completely filled with beautiful murals and stained-glass windows. Unfortunately, there are no photos allowed in that room, so you’ll have to go see it for yourself! Check out the cool statue of King Wenceslaus on your way out of the courtyard.
Chart showing what different items were worth under each king
In the courtyard of the Italian Court
  • Water Tower: while this round, stone structure was under renovation while we visited, it’s a very pretty piece of work.

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