Warsaw parks: a stroll down memory lanes

According to the Warsaw tourism board, nearly a quarter of the city is made up of parks and other greenery. Warsaw’s parks are a big part of my memories from childhood and teenage visits, so I took advantage of a couple hot and sunny days to walk through a few of my favorites. 

Ujazdowski Park

Ujazdowski Park (Ooo-yahz-dov-ski)
It’s funny that I remember this park from when I was a kid in Warsaw, but when you’re little, everything blurs together a bit. I remember visiting Łazienki back in those days (see below) and that it was a huge park, so in my memory I seem to have blended all the parks from those days into Łazienki. In my defense, at least Ujazdowski Park is down the street from Łazienki. It’s also across the street from the U.S. Embassy, in case you’re ever looking for it (there are actually several embassies in the neighborhood). 

Anyways, Ujazdowski Park isn’t all that big, but it has a peaceful pond with a pavilion at one end and a bridge crossing a little brook at the other. 


Chopin monument in Łazienki Park

Łazienki (wah-zien-kee)
This is one of the city’s largest and most-well-known parks. I always thought it was funny that the name of the park translates to “baths” – or technically, “bathroom.” Łazienki are home to a large Chopin monument that overlooks a pond and is surrounded by benches and red flowers (the park sometimes hosts events and concerts here during the summer months). It was weird to stand there now, as an adult, and remember the last time I was there with my brother, mom, grandma and grandpa. And now I’m all alone! 

The lake & palace at Łazienki Park

After hanging out at the Chopin monument, I walked down to the lake, which was just how I remember it. The white palace at one end, the amphitheater essentially floating in the water, weeping willows on its shores and peacocks strutting on the paths around the lake. 

A peacock at Łazienki Park (the males are the colorful ones)

I actually wondered, at that moment, if next time I’d set foot in this park I’d be with my own family (apparently my grandma’s non-stop lecturing about having kids is infiltrating my thoughts!). 

The floating amphitheater at Łazienki Park

Saski Garden
This garden is located right behind the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, by Piłsudski Square. At noon, you can catch the changing of the guards, who march over from the direction of Krakowskie Przedmieście. 

The park’s paths are lined with statues of gods and goddesses, representing seasons, arts and other concepts. There is also a quiet pond with a fountain in the middle. Thanks to its location close to Stare Miasto (Old Town) and many other attractions, this is a great place to relax for both tourists and Warsaw citizens.


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