Road trip 1: a tour through Poland’s countryside

I was a little nervous about my first road trip with my grandma because so far during our car rides she had: swerved all over her lane, started moving into a busy intersection on a red light, almost had a head-on collision and almost merged into another car. But what choice did I have? If only I knew how to drive stick shift!

"The death-trap"

We drove to Łowicz, the town where my grandfather grew up, and where his parents are buried. We stopped by the main square, where there’s a big church, but unfortunately, it was heavily under renovation. But here’s a little tidbit about Łowicz (according to Wikipedia): Napoleon Bonaparte once stopped by.

Next, we drove to Sobota, a “wieś” (really small town) outside of Łowicz where my grandfather actually lived. We stopped into a church where he was baptized – a small, but very beautiful church:

Church in Sobota

Yes, my grandma convinced me to take a picture inside the church during mass. I felt bad, but in the end I’m glad I got a good shot of the church inside.

Our next stop was the cemetery down the street where my grandfather’s parents, siblings and grandma are buried. I love the cemeteries in Poland (and Europe) – they’re just so beautiful, with their old stone tombstones and monuments.

We drove through the small, country town, where I saw a couple of storks in their nests – which of course prompted more commentary from my grandma about me having a baby.

I really like driving through these country towns (they’re barely even towns, more like a handful of houses lining a dirt road in the middle of a field). Although the houses are usually poor and run down, they’re very beautiful in their own way, often made of wood or brick and usually still surrounded by colorful gardens of prairie flowers (and maybe even some chickens or cows). And each wieś usually has a lovely chapel or large cross surrounded by flowers and wreaths.

Chapel near Urzecze

On the way back to Warsaw, we stopped by Puszcza Mariańska, where my mom spent much of her childhood with her grandma. There’s a cute but tiny wooden church there, as well as a large house where the priests stayed. It was cool to see where my mom used to “run around with the chickens.”

Church in Puszcza Marianska

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