Wizz Air adventure to Warsaw

My trip from Rome to Warsaw was not uneventful. I ended up flying Wizz Air, some discount airline from Hungary. This time I gave myself plenty of time to avoid a repeat of the easyJet fiasco, and got to the airport more than two hours before take-off.

Wizz Air was organized just a little better than easyJet. But of course their counter was hidden somewhere around a corner, and there was no signage. So after standing in the wrong line for 10 minutes, I finally found the right line. Then, I waited. And waited.

About an hour later, I got to the counter, where there were only two attendants working. Once I finally got my boarding pass, I headed for the gate, which was of course changed after everyone had gathered there. 

Then, the plane was delayed so we all had to sit and wait. In the meantime, kids are playing and screaming and running around and banging on things. I literally almost lost it. I had to put on my iPod and blast music to drown out all the madness.

When we finally got on the place, the pilot greeted us and made a little impromptu speech. These European pilots sure like to take advantage of their access to a mic and a captive audience. The pilot apologized for the delay and explained that the baggage handlers were late to load our luggage and then were taking their sweet-ass time. As a result, we lost our place in line to take off, so had to wait for a new time. BUT, apparently no one was picking up our pilot’s call in the control tower for 10 minutes! That’s always comforting to hear.

Anyways, we finally took off. Of course one of the annoying kids was sitting behind me and kicking my seat half the time.

Then, my eyes started itching so I go to the bathroom and see that my eyes are getting puffy and my face is getting a couple red patches! Awesome.

A little later, I start getting itchy, red patches on my hands and arms. By the time we landed, I was not looking too pretty. I’m not necessarily saying I was allergic to Wizz Air, but do you have a better explanation?

We land and get off the plane in Warsaw, and it’s pouring rain. Literally pouring. It was almost funny.

But the important thing is that I made it to Poland safe & sound! And with an allergic reaction…


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