Egypt in Rome

For some reason, despite my whole fascination with ancient Egypt, I’ve always had this very isolated view of it in my mind. But this trip has really opened my eyes to how interconnected all these cultures were, specifically the Eyptians with the English, Roman and Greek nations.

It all makes perfect sense, I just never truly made that connection before.

I can’t even count how many obelisks there are in Rome. Luckily, Wikipedia does, and even names Rome the obelisk capital of the world. Apparently there are eight ancient Egyptian obelisks throughout the city (and five ancient Roman ones). By the way, an obelisk is a tall, narrow, pyramid-shaped monument.

Highlights of Egypt in Rome:

Obelisk & sphinx at Piazza del Popolo
  • The cute little obelisk behind the pantheon, in the Piazza della Minerva, whose base is an elephant (which was apparently designed by Bernini)
Obelisk behind the Pantheon
  • The obelisk in the center of Piazza Navona, also set atop an extravagant fountain designed by Bernini
  • The two Egpytian lions at the base of the stairs to Capitoline Hill
Black lions at base of Capitoline Hill

Look for a more in-depth post about Egypt & Europe sometime in the future…


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