Last date night in Europe


With Daniela leaving bright and early the next day, we headed to Piazza Navona for dinner. It was such a lively, bright, beautiful piazza. I loved the huge fountain in the middle, dedicated to the four major rivers of the day and sculpted by Bernini. With, of course, an Egyptian obelisk on top. 

The piazza was surrounded by restaurants so we sat down at the Caffe Bernini, thanks to the coaxing of a charming host. 

It was probably one of the best dinners we’ve had, thanks to the atmosphere, delicious food and plentiful drinks. The waiters were hilarious – super friendly, chatty and entertaining. The food was SO GOOD – I had ravioli stuffed with cheese and spinach, floating in this delicious tomato and bufalo mozzarella cheese sauce. Plus, we killed a bottle of white wine, had a shot of Limoncello each and then also each had a glass of moscato wine with dessert. 

Last dinner at Caffe Bernini


Needless to say, I was a bit tipsy after dinner, so I let Daniela guide us to the Pantheon after dinner. I have to admit, the pantheon was not at all what I expected. For some reason, I had pictured a white, columned structure atop a small hill, very clean and majestic. Or is that the Parthenon?? Regardless, the Pantheon is not on a hill, it’s not bright white and it was half under renovation. 

So we moved on to visit the Trevi Fountain. Which sounds easier than it was. I was in no condition to navigate us, so Daniela had the map. Then we found a Polish tour group walking around, so we started following them. But turns out they were headed to the Pantheon! So we just ended up making a big circle. No more following random tour groups. 

We finally made it to the fountain, and it was breathtaking! The place was packed with people, the white Bernini-designed fountain was lit up and clear blue water was flowing all over the place. The fountain is impressive – it’s huge! 

Trevi Fountain


Daniela and I sat on the edge and tossed coins over our shoulder into the fountain. Apparently, that means we’ll be back in Rome!


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