Not-so-accidental tourists make pasta

Our last day in Florence, we finally made it to our Accidental Tourist cooking class our in the Tuscan countryside. My tummy was not going too well, but I was armed with Pepto Bismol and a bunch of tablets of Buscopan (looking for bread??) the pharmacist had given me. And let me tell you, communicating with an Italian-only-speaking pharmacist about my stomach issues was not easy!

We were driven out to the Tuscan countryside by an Accidental Tourist guide, and arrived at an older couple’s place up in the hills. It was so beautiful and peaceful! And the couple had a cat, too. We went into a stone room on the ground floor where it was actually cool to cook pasta from scratch.

Entrance to the kitchen downstairs where "the magic happens"

I was a bit nervous at first because as we all know, I’m not exactly a genius in the kitchen (although my mom does call me her little genius). But I became more confident when our teacher said my dough was the perfect consistency. It was smooth sailing from there! Apparently, I’m quite the natural at pasta-making!

You're looking at a pasta pro!

We made ravioli, fetuccini and angel hair pasta. Unfortunately, when it came time to eat the food upstairs I couldn’t stuff my face like I wanted to. But I did cautiously eat a little bit – just a tiny bit.

Uh, oh...

Overall, I’d say the experience was worth the 70 Euros!


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