Florence, day 2: sightseeing with an upset stomach

Our second day in Florence, it was time to get serious. We were planning to do this Accidental Tourist cooking class that day, but since we waited until the last minute to call, they were all booked up. So we signed up for the Monday class instead, and Sunday became our officially-designated sightseeing day.

Da Vinci statue in the Uffizi courtyard

The only problem was that my tummy – sorry, I mean my crap factory – was starting to hurt a bit. Regardless, we set out to conquer the Uffizi Museum. I was worried that it would be a big ordeal, since we hadn’t made reservations ahead of time to get in, and were warned that there might be a long wait in line ahead of us.

Although there was quite a hefty line outside, we found out we could easily still get a reservation for that same day – even an hour from that moment. I have no clue why people chose to wait in that no-reservations line just to save a couple Euros!

We bought our tickets and walk around to kill some time. At this point my tummy was starting to feel a little worse, and the heat wasn’t helping.

The museum was interesting, but I was definitely in no condition to be wandering around looking at art. However, Italian art has started to grow on me – I really love Leonardo Da Vinci’s art. And pretty much everything he did. I can see why he’s so popular – he also seems to have a very distinctive and beautiful way of drawing people and eyes. I also got to know Raphael’s work a little better – these Italians sure seem to have a characteristic softness in the way they painted.

It was also interesting to read about some of the different phases and trends in the art (thank you, Rick Steves and the random pages my mom tore out from her old guide-book) so I could actually appreciate why certain pieces were important. It makes me want to learn more about art, but at least I have a basic, working knowledge for now.

It was also interesting to see Titian’s provocative “Venus of Urbino.”

Santa Croce

Even though I was really starting to feel unwell at this point, we still went to the Santa Croce church while we were in the area. It was crazy to stand in front of the tombs of Galileo, Michelangelo and Machiavelli. Unfortunately, I missed the crypt, which was allegedly pretty cool. But at this point I was dying quietly out in the courtyard.

Santa Croce courtyard, where I sat silently in pain

There were still lots of other sights I wanted to see in Florence, but my tummy was having no mercy on me, so I went back to the room to relax before the World Cup final that night.


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