The streets of Toledo

Our third day in Madrid, we decided to take a half-day trip to Toledo. Unfortunately, that turned into a most-of-the-day trip since there were only tickets left for the 5:30 p.m. train back to Madrid.

Me trying to navigate the hilly, winding, narrow streets of Toledo

Of course it was another scalding hot day – literally not a single cloud in the sky, just the sun. We took the train there (30 minute ride) and walked through what felt like a desert to get to the main entrance of the town. Then we began the climb up (Toledo is basically one big hill).

The streets of Toledo

We stopped through Toledo’s main square then headed to the cathedral. I was debating whether or not to go into the cathedral again, but decided to pay the fee, since it really is quite impressive.

Then we basically putzed around for a while. I was disappointed that the house of El Greco was still closed. And unfortunately we were too distracted shopping and looking for food to see his painting, The Burial of the Count of Orgaz.

The streets of Toledo

But in the end, I think a big part of Toledo’s charm is just walking its streets – which I did plenty of! I even started a little series of photo which I call, “The streets of Toledo.”

The streets of Toledo

We stopped for lunch at an outdoor restaurant hidden away in a small, triangular plaza, where I actually ate swordfish (random).

At that point, we were pretty much done sightseeing and still had quite a bit of time to kill, so we just got a bottle of wine and got to drinking. Apparently the heat and the wine got to Daniela because she nearly knocked over the table and spilled wine all over me! So at that point, we walked back to the train station and each had another glass of wine (only 3,80 Euros total!). At that point it was finally time to leave.

Cheap wine at the Toledo train station

I still love Toledo, but I have to admit, nothing beats staying there at night! If you have the chance, get a nice hotel near the cathedral (they’re not that expensive) and roam the quiet streets after dark.


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