The Prado museum in 30 minutes

By the time we got back from Toledo, it was 6 p.m. That means we had two hours to go find some sneakers Daniela wanted and head back to the Prado for free hours (6-8 p.m.).

Well, by the time we got to the Prado it was a tiny bit after 7 p.m. so I gave Daniela a barely-one-hour crash course, which was basically me picking out my favorites from the “masterpieces” cheat sheet the Prado Museum has.

My favorite masterpieces – a.k.a. Agatha’s 30-minute Prado Tour:

Ok, so I realize I’m partial to the top Spanish artists, and I’m especially not that interested in Flemish paintings. So if you prefer a more well-rounded itinerary, check out one of the Prado’s suggested routes (although they don’t offer a 30-minute version like I do).

Personally, I just like Spanish art best – it’s just more aesthetically pleasing and thematically interesting to me. Maybe I just learned more about it so that’s why I like it best, because I actually kind of understand it.

My absolute favorites are El Greco and Goya. El Greco uses these one-of-a-kind colors, and gives people a certain elongated shape that’s very elegant. And Goya’s Pinturas Negras are so attention-grabbing and unique. But what I’ve noticed about both, and what seems to pull me towards both, is their unique styles of painting faces and eyes. Each employ very characteristic shapes and shading. Greco’s are elongated and elegant, and Goya’s seem rounder, softer, yet darker.

Regardless, we finished up my list of favorites just as they started kicking people out. Perfect timing!

Needless to say, we were exhausted after all that running around. So after one last shopping stop and a nap, we had our last dinner in Madrid out on Plaza de Santa Ana. It was disappointing to say the least. Let’s just say we didn’t quite get what we bargained for…


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