From pintxos to pescado: good eats in Barcelona

I had two of my best meals in Barcelona – it’s definitely becoming one of my favorite cities for eating!

Our first dinner in Barcelona was mediocre, just some basic tapas at a restaurant in Placa Reial near our hotel. Although the entertainment, consisting of very athletic men doing acrobatics in the square, was cool. And we did meet a fish scientist sitting at the table next to us. Apparently, there was a fish scientist convention in town – and I did hear that Barcelona gets a lot of conventions.

Our second night in Barcelona, we headed out to Barri Gotic to go tapeando. Wandering around those winding streets is fun, it’s just impossible to find anything more than once! Luckily, we stumbled across a yummy wine and tapas spot for our first stop and had some great tapas with salmon, chorizo, etc., with rioja wine.

Then, we traveled down a few somewhat shady streets (it was dark by this time and you never know where one path will lead) and eventually found another tapas spot that was awesome. The long bar was just lined with pintxos that you can choose yourself. You just keep the toothpick from each piece on your plate to pay at the end. I was so glad we had an authentic tapas experience!

Our last day in Barcelona, we had dinner at a nice seafood restaurant in the older port area. Shockingly, I ordered a codfish dish that I loved. The restaurant was called El Emperador, so I ordered the codfish “al emperador.” It was lightly battered and fried, in a garlic sauce with a tomato “sauce” on the side. The food was so good, and paired with a summery white wine and the beautiful scenery, the whole meal was perfect!


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