Barcelona by bus: part 2

Tanning on the Bus Turistic

Our first day on the Bus Turistic, we used it for touring the city. Our second day, we used it for transportation and tanning (and a little bit of touring).

First, we walked down Passeig de Gracia to visit Casa Batllo. I didn’t end up going in though, because the 16 Euro price tag was a little more than I wanted to spend on something I had already seen. But looking at it from the outside, I couldn’t help but wonder how much Gaudi’s work has influenced Barcelona’s culture and aesthetic style. Even looking at brands like Desigual, they’re pretty visual and different. Or is there something inherently different about the people in Barcelona, that they have a particular perspective of the world?

Casa Batllo

After Batllo, we got on the bus. We got off at Sants Station to buy our train tickets to Madrid. We opted for the Estrella night train, even though several online reviews advised against it. I had taken it before, and Daniela was down for it, so we went ahead and booked it. Except this time we got bunk beds.

Having crossed that off the list, we had the bus take us to Port Vell again. There, we did what we do best – shopped some more. Then we walked to the older part of the port and had an awesome dinner.

Dicking around at Barcelona's older port area

After dinner, we braved the heat (as if we had a choice) and walked back towards La Rambla. But not before one last detour to – what else? – shop. Although, once again, I showed what I consider to be remarkable restraint in not spending money.

At that point we still had some time to kill, so we went by our hotel to do the other thing we do best – drink some wine!


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