Mission impossible: London to Paris edition

To get from London to Paris, we took the train (or as my mom called it, a rocket) for a two-hour trip under the English Channel. The actual train ride was fine, although not really too exciting because I couldn’t even tell when we were under water exactly since we were just going through a dark tunnel. A lot of ear-popping though. And very cool that Londoners could be in Paris in two hours (and vice versa).

Even though I try really hard to think things out when planning a trip, my attempts at rational decision-making always seem to fail miserably.

I thought it would be good to stay in London as late as possible and take the last train of the day to Paris so we could get the most out of our time in London. However, we were too exhausted at that point to spend the entire day walking around London, so Daniela and I ended up spending two hours at the hotel lobby, using the internet (and we still didn’t book a Barcelona hotel!).

Too make matters worse, I didn’t realize that Paris was an hour later than London, so by the time we arrived in the city of lights, it was actually almost midnight, not eleven like I had expected. Needless to say, arriving in a country completely foreign to us, where neither of us knew the language at all, at midnight when the train station is empty, was not a great feeling.

First mission, I had to find an ATM since we didn’t have any Euros yet. Second mission, I tried to track down some info about the metro, but by the time I found the stop and grabbed a schedule, the metro was about to stop running for the night. Mission number trois was to catch a cab, so we found the (very long) line at the taxi stand and cabbed it to the hotel.

Even just driving through Paris at night, I already felt like now we had truly arrived in Europe. We made it to the hotel and had just enough time to run into the little convenience store next door to grab some dinner – aka toast and cheese.


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