Last walking tour of London

To finish off our last day in London, we took a walking tour of some destinations I read about in a children’s book from the 50s. Hey, if they were famous attractions then, why wouldn’t they still be??

  • Drury Lane: we walked down this supposedly haunted lane, which was actually very quiet and cute. I wasn’t sure at the time where the haunting came from, but thanks to my good friend Google, I’ve learned that it’s actually the theater on Drury Lane that is haunted by ghosts, but that seeing a ghost is good luck for the actors.
Drury Lane
  • Olde Curiosity Shop: Apparently this shop was featured in a Charles Dickens novel, but unfortunately it was closed when we came to visit.

  • Fleet Street: where all London’s newspapers used to be printed back in the Golden Age of print.
  • Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese: old, well-known pub in London. According to Wikipedia, there’s been a pub on this spot since 1538, and the Cheshire Cheese was the spot for literary figures like Mark Twain.

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