Hotel review: Melbourne House Hotel

Once again, I used to pretty much book all our hotels. As a result, our hotel in London, the Melbourne House Hotel, was perfectly nice. The location was cute, with the hotel standing on this quite, charming street (Belgrave) lined with white townhouse-like buildings.

It was a quiet neighborhood and the nearby metro (Pimlico) got us where we needed to go, not that we were very far from some of the major attractions. There were also several cute restaurants and cafes nearby (the other way from the metro stop though).

The room itself was not huge, but perfectly decent sized. Unfortunately, it was up six flights of stairs, but at least that meant we had a nice view over the nearby rooftops, to see the London Eye and Big Ben in the distance (ok, way in the distance):

Besides that, the bathroom was super clean, I had wireless internet access and the reception staff was very friendly and helpful. Overall, while this hotel isn’t right in the middle of all the action, I’d recommend it as a clean hotel not too far from the attractions at a very decent rate.


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