Reunited and it feels so good

Since Daniela and I took separate flights over to London, we had a brilliant idea to just meet at Heathrow airport. Just the largest and/or busiest airport in the world. What could go wrong?

Well first of all, as I was getting ready to board my flight in Chicago, I got a call from Daniela that her flight was delayed and that she was going try and switch flights last minute. So as I was flying over on Aer Lingus, I didn’t even know when she’d end up arriving in London or on what airline or what flight. At least my Aer Lingus flight went quite smoothly. Those Irish sure are a lively bunch!

I was hoping to tap into free wifi at Heathrow, but appartently airports do not provide that service! So my dumbass uses a credit card to call my mom on a pay phone and find out Daniela’s updated flight info. I knew it would be expensive, but not till I checked my account online did I see that my five minute conversation cost $32!

Anyways, the original plan was that I would arrive at London first and wait for Daniela at her gate. We agreed that I would not have flowers or balloons for her, nor a sign with her name on it. I did, however, picture us running into each others’ arms as soon as she came out.

Unfortunately, that did not happen. Having gotten Daniela’s updated flight info from my mom, I sat down by the gate that said “international arrivals” and waited. And waited. After an hour and a half, and way past her scheduled arrival time, I finally got the bright idea to confirm with the information desk that I was in the right place. Sure enough, I was not. Apparently, Heathrow has international arrivals coming into various terminals.

So I trek over to the correct terminal with my heavy-ass backpack, my purse (aka second, smaller backpack) and a mini suitcase. I almost died! After wandering around that terminal, and finding out Daniela’s flight had arrived even earlier than scheduled, I called it quits. Obviously we had missed each other.

I trekked it over to the Metro, and after several failed attempts to buy a ticket, I was finally successful! A hot, sweaty and exhausting train ride later, I finally arrived at our hotel, and luckily Daniela was there too. We were finally reunited (six flights of steps later)!


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