Day 1 in London: Agatha & Daniela’s walking tour

We didn’t let our exhausting flight across the pond deter us from exploring London on our first day/evening. But first things first…food! We stopped by a pub for our first meal in London.

First pub dinner in London

After dinner, our romantic stroll continued along the Thames River, past the Tate Museum. Then we crossed over to the South Bank and walked along the river trail (which is a very nice & romantic walkway) to catch our first glimpse of the London Eye and Big Ben.

London Eye & Big Ben

As we approached the London Eye, that was as close as we needed to get to that attraction. There would be no sky-high trips on a frail metal wheel for us! Instead we crossed back over the river to walk past Westminster and Big Ben. There, I took one of my masterful self-pictures of us:

Big Ben

We then continued down Whitehall to Trafalgar Square, and we were quite pooped at this point!


Although we were exhausted, for some reason we kept walking! We ended up heading back towards our hotel through St. James Park. Finally, we gave up and just hopped into one of London’s cool black cabs to take us the rest of the way. Of course, our day wasn’t complete without the six-flight climb up to our hotel room!


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