Lesson learned: do not book your flight after a bottle of wine

I repeat, it is NOT a good idea to book your international flight (or any flight for that matter) after drinking a bottle of wine. Especially if you’re trying to coordinate your arrival with someone else. So, although Daniela and I are travel partners for three weeks, we ended up not taking the same flight over to London (which may have been a good idea to give ourselves some personal time before our journey). But we were planning to leave and arrive within an hour or so of one another.

So we each booked our flight accordingly, and thought everything was fine. A few weeks later, I double-checked my confirmation email, just in case, and noticed that my flight was exactly one day off from what I needed!

In my defense, I had booked the correct flight number, correct departure time and arrival time, just the wrong date by one day! Why do these airlines use the exact same flight numbers and times?? How was I supposed to know they do that??

Well, after talking to Expedia about my options, then waiting on hold for Aer Lingus for a good 30 minutes and having a futile conversation with an old Irishman, I finally paid the extra fees to have Expedia change my flight to the correct date.

Lesson learned: do not book flights after drinking alcohol.


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